Progressive PreSchool


1.Intellectual and Creative Arts Development 

“To think is to inquire; to inquire is to learn. These skills navigate the walls of learning of a child.” 

Teaching the children to think and to inquire is very important in the education of the young learners. These two core skills are embedded in all activities that we do in and out of the classroom. Since children are naturally inquisitive, it is our goal that we keep their desire to learn new things by providing them many opportunities for discovery, problem-solving and exploration. 

a.) Intellectual Development pertains to the growth of a child’s ability to think and reason. It also involves the developmental               milestones of a child in the following areas: Language Development/ Communication Skills, Reading Literacy, Math Literacy,             Science Literacy, and Social Studies.

b.) Creative Arts Development provides opportunities for problem-solving and experimenting with new ideas. Children who regularly      exercise their creativity may find it easier to explain themselves and the world around them. 

2.Physical Development

involves developing control over the body, particularly the small muscles (Fine Motors), big muscles (Goss Motor) and physical coordination. 

To help develop this area, our teachers always make fun and engaging activities for the pupils. We also teach them some self-adaptive skills which can be very useful at home and in school. This will also train them to become independent. Some of these skills include buttoning, washing their hands, pouring water in a cup and more. 

Furthermore, we also give importance to their Health and Wellness that’s why we always integrate healthy habits in our discussions. We also talk about safety rules and teach them the basics of disaster preparedness.

3.Social Development (Interpersonal Skill)

This area refers to the process by which, children learn how to interact with other people around them. As they develop their own individuality within their environment, they gain skills to communicate with other people, develop friendships, establish a positive attitude and handle conflict with peers.

4.Emotional Development (Intrapersonal Skill)

It refers to the child’s ability to recognize, express and manage emotions effectively. 

Here in SMAC Child Development Program, we want our little Marian Angels to develop into happy, optimistic, confident and outgoing children. 

5.Character Development

SMAC gives a strong emphasis in teaching the SMAC Core Values which are simplicity, humility and obedience. We believe that through these, we can help our Marian Angels develop a deep relationship with God while following Christ’s example in life.

6.Learning Environment

Providing a safe, nurturing and responsive environment will support the learning and development of children. To create an environment conducive to learning, we carefully plan our curriculum and provide them with sufficient materials. We also use every possible area in school (indoor or outdoor) to create an atmosphere that encourages discovery, exploration, participation, and learning.

7.Family, School, Community, and Culture

SMAC wants to strengthen the partnership among school, family and community as we believe that these will create a significant impact on the students’ character development. We also believe that effective partnership can lead to mutual trust, respect and shared responsibility for the benefit of the students. 

As Filipinos, it is also our responsibility to demonstrate love for our country by preserving our culture. SMACV believes that the desirable Filipino values like “Mano po” and the use of “Po and Opo” must be instilled among students so they can continue to pass it on to future generations. The culture that we have defines us so the school must also ensure that the students continue the legacy of a true Filipino with good traits and attitudes.