The opening of ONLINE classes is on August 3, 2020.



DIGITAL LEARNING means a type of learning using digital tools and technology to create a better learning for learners. Also, it gives learners some element of control over time, place, path or pace. 


What TYPE of Digital Learning will the school use?


The school will adapt the DIGITAL LEARNING where there will be no face to face Interaction or the learners do not come to school but instead a virtual classroom is set up for synchronous activities.


The school will adapt the FLEXIBLE LEARNING where it will still continue the DIGITAL LEARNING and will have the MODIFIED FACE-TO-FACE INTERACTION where learners will have to be in physical classroom on a limited number of attendees and alternate schedules for proper social distancing measures.

Note:  Should the National Government or LGUs and IATF do not allow  this   set-up, the school will implement the DIGITAL LEARNING only.


What delivery modes of learning will the school use?


The school will adapt the SYNCHRONOUS and ASYNCHRONOUS delivery modes.

Synchronous is a type of learning wherein the class is conducted in real time. The teacher and students log in to a single online platforms and carry out tasks throughout the alloted time.  This may be done through video conference, chat or messaging apps, or audio chat using an online tool.

On the other hand,  we have the Asynchronous learning that means learners are provided with content and tasks that they need to accomplish within a time frame, using platform such Learning Management System (LMS) or even the learning modules.  It also  engages learners and takes instructions in a coursework delivered by web, email, message boards, learning module, pre-recorded video lessons, game-based tasks that they complete on their own or self- paced and are not delivered or submitted in person or real time.


What is the time alloted for a Synchronous Learning Schedule?

Synchronous Learning shall be applied on following levels:

        Preschool          30 minutes (3 x week)

        Grade School    45 minutes (Primary 3 x week)

      45 minutes (Intermediate 2 x week)

        Junior High        60 minutes (once a week)

        Senior High       60 minutes (once a week)

The rest of the school days for that week will be self-paced or asynchronous with consultations.

This will be further discussed on June 3-4, 2020 by our principal on his Online Talk on Digital Learning In Action


What platform will the school adapt for online classes?

The school has Learning Management System (LMS) which is a solid platform for the delivery of learning. Everything that the learners need in school should be made available via LMS . 

A,  For the Preschool and Grade School it will be Genyo powered by DIWA.

B.For High School, Aralinks Hub and Aralinks Coding Education (ACE) Virtual Hub which is powered by Phoenix Publishing House, Inc.

It is also where teachers create lessons, written works, assignments,  interactive activities and collaborative participation. Through these platforms, teachers and learners will be able to introduce, process and transfer learning using digital or technological tools.


What is the Teacher's Role in a Digital Learning?

The teachers become the designers, the assessors and facilitators of learning both for Synchronous an Asynchronous delivery modes. They create the learning modules, assess and monitor the learning progress of the learners and facilitate learning-making sure no learner is left behind.


What is the Parent's Role in a Digital Learning?

They become partners with teachers. Now that learners stay in the comforts of their homes, it is needed that parents serve as their children guides in making sure that learning modules are being done, that assessments are taken, submitted promptly and coordinate with the teachers for clarificatory concerns.

Also, they need to attend online Parent Orientations, Meetings, Webinars and Parent-Teacher Conferences regularly.


Will there be trainings or conferences for learners and parents for the Digital Learning?

Yes,  there are scheduled orientations for the learners and parents.

Digital Learning In Action Talk

Parent Orientations

  -House Rules, Online Lesson, Schedules,Grading System

Parent/Learner Webinars on:

  Technology Support for Digital Learning

  Media Inforamtion Literacy

  Family Involvement

  Reading Literacy in Digital Learning

  How to Help your Child cope with the Home Routines


Are textbooks optional?

Yes, textbooks are optional but the school highly recommends the purchase of textbooks for the five (5) major subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, Filipino and Araling Panlipunan.

These textbooks will serve as their handy references in meeting the MOST ESSENTIAL LEARNING COMPETENCIES (MELCs) that are reflected in our learning modules or activities.

The textbooks could also be a quick reference for those who have fluctuating connection, poor signal, or no internet connection at home.

TEXTBOOKS will be available starting July 01, 2020 at the school bookstore.  


Are notebooks optional?

Yes, notebooks are optional but should you need to avail two or three pieces, the school still has supplies and can provide, since they will be needing the notebooks for note-taking.

Except for the ASSIGNMENT NOTEBOOK that is already included in the miscellaneous fee. It will be needed for the calendar of activities, the monitoring of academic progress, and the accomplishments of the learning tasks.


Are school uniforms required?

No, school uniform will no longer be required for the SY 2020-2021 as they will just be staying in their respective homes for the Digital Learning.

For the 2nd Semester, they will be only be required to wear white shirt, maong pants and rubber shoes for the modified face-to-face interaction.


Will there be CLUBBING DAY?

For the 1st semester, there will be no Clubbing Day.

For the 2nd semester, there will be clubbing day once a month.


Will there be online LSP (SPED) program?

Yes, there will be online LSP (SPED) program to be offered for the SY 2020-2021. All LSP Learners will be placed on the mainstreaming program including those under INCLUSION.

The A-Gift will have a special online program, too. 


Will clearance be required for Form 138 or Report Card release?

Yes, the printed Report Cards and Electronic Cards will only be released once all existing accounts have been settled as well the clearance from the library has been cleared and signed by the librarians.

Our School Library for Grade School and High School will be opened specifically for book returns on June 5-6, 2020.


Do we still need to pay the March and April School Fees?

Yes, parents need to pay remaining School Fees for the months of March and April.  When the school year 2019-2020 officially ended last April 22, 2020 all Marian Angels were able to finish the necessary tasks and all final assessments were submitted and done through online for the completion of their grades.  As they did this, our teachers and all employees worked from home and received regular salaries.  The school was fully operational. 


Will there be Tuition Fee hike?

NO TUITION FEE increase for the school year 2020-2021. There will be adjustments for the miscellaneous fee where actvities that can no longer be done during the ONLINE DIGITAL LEARNING will be removed.


Do you have refunds?

Yes, the school will refund fees on selected activities that did not push through and consume.  These are the following:

1.Retreat for Grade 6 and Grade 10

2.Moving up and Completion for Preschool

The refund can be automatically deducted on your school fees for the school year 2020-2021 or can be claimed in the Cashier in a form of a cheque.


Do we have completion and graduation ceremonies for the school year 2019-2020?


2.There will be a Completion Ceremony for 10 and GRADUATION CEREMONY for Grade 6 and 12.

 A simple Completion and Graduation Ceremonies observing social distancing protocols will be held on:

JANUARY 19, 2021

Grade 6  -  8:30am  -  9:30am

Grade 10- 10:30am - 11:30am

Grade 12- 1:30pm   -  2:30pm



SMACV has waived all entrance tests for NEW STUDENTS and TRANSFEREES in all grade levels effective May 25, 2020 due to the difficulty that you have had gone through in following the new online admission procedure.

With this, all applicants are automatically accepted for enrolment for the SY 2020-20201 provided that all requirements/documents have been submitted.


What is the admission procedure for old students?

1.Fill out the Electronic Student Application Form (E-SAF). Please click:

Pre-School / Grade School


Junior High School

Senior High School

2. After submitting the E-SAF, a confirmation e-mail will be sent with reservation and payment procedure.

3.Online Assessment of Fees and Requirements

4.Online Payment

5.Online Confirmation of Enrolment



Kindly indicate the Learner’s Name and Incoming Level.

  • What is the admission procedure for new students?

1.Fill out the Electronic Student Application Form

         (E-SAF).  Please click:

Pre-School / Grade School




Junior High School


Senior High School

  1. After submitting the E-SAF, a confirmation email

    will be sent with list of requirements, reservation   

    and payment procedure.

  1. Online Assessment of Fees and


  1. Online Payment
  2. Confirmation of Enrolment



All communications in terms of Enrolment Procedure will be via email.  Please make sure to use one email address and follow the email thread.-- select status --

You may reach us at GLOBE 09277107419 / SMART 09474301981 or 8291-1136 to 37 for assistance.



What is an online and offline enrolment?


Payment is coursed through the






Payment is coursed through the following:

  1. BANKS

SMACV Bank Details will be sent upon request. Please email

  1. G-CASH


Do you offer scholarships? If yes, what kind?

Yes, we accept scholarships for incoming Grade 7 and Gr. 11

  1. A Grade 6 graduate (incoming Grade 7) from the public schools is automatically a recipient of ESC scholarship given by DepEd that subsidizes the tuition fee.
  2. A JHS completer from a public school is automatically a recipient of SHS voucher which is also subsidized by DepEd while the JHS competer from a private school with ESC is automatically a recipient of the same voucher.
  3. Community Scholar (CS) is open for Grade 1 only for this school year 2020-2021. CS Application Form is available at the Guidance Office, please look for Ms. Joyce.
  4. Existing CS may continue to enjoy their scholarship this school year 2020-2021. If they discontinued, scholarship will be automatically forfeited.


How can parents connect with the school?

There will be a PARENT HELP DESK in the school's official website. This is still in process of finalizing details and securities. This will be made available in soonest possible time.  We will post announcement on FB.

Parent Help Desk will answer questions like…

How to use ZOOM?

How to use a certain digital tool?

When is the online assessment?

What is the next schedule of my child?

or any query or assitance that you need at the moment.

How will learners without internet connection at home access home-based instruction?

The school will provide learning module kits in hardcopies for those learners without access to the internet or do not have means to print or download materials. This is given and must be returned to school on a monthly basis. There will be a receiving team for the submission of learning outputs. Guidelines and procedures will be given upon enrolment.



Do you have online summer class?




In case, we missed something......

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Should you need a more personal assistance, you may contact us on the following:

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