Learning Support Program (LSP) (SPED)

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Please follow the following steps:

1. Fill-out the Student Application Form.

Please click ➡️ SpEd SMACV Online Application Form4

2. Click the "save" button to submit you application.
3. After submission, the applicant will receive a confirmation email. (For the Next Procedure).


Admission Requirements

    • PSA Birth Certificate (Original and Photocopy)
    • Baptismal Certificate (Original and Photocopy)
    • Parents’ Marriage Certificate (Original and Photocopy)
    • Report Card (Form 138) except Toddlers/Nursery/ Junior Kinder
    • Medical Certificate
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character except for Toddlers/Nursery/ Junior Kinder
    • Latest Assessment from Developmental Pediatrician 
    • Speech, Occupational and Behavioral Therapy Reports (if any)
    • Permanent Record (Form 137) (Original Copy)
    • Initial Assessment by SMACV LSP Teacher
    • Should not be more than sixteen (16) years old by June of the school year of application
    • Other additional requirements

Foreign Students applicant/Non-Resident Alien (NRA)

    • Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (ACR I-Card)/Special Immigration
    • Authenticated Scholastic Records from school of origin
    • Original and Photocopy of Passport showing the following information:a. Passport numberb. Date of issuec. Place of issued. Expiration datee. Date of entry into the Philippinesf. Entry statusg. Lenght of authorized stay